Project Gallery

Simulated process-Index hybrid color separations with gold foil

All-over print with simulated process 3D promotional tee

Simulated process, shades of grey with a splash of color, 11 colors.

Close-up of a shades of grey simulated process print

Discharge table-top printed two screen design

Kobe simulated process-index hybrid color separations, 13c

Peter Rabbit 2 promo t-shirt, simulated process-hybrid color separations, 12c

Brooklyn! - simulated process, 10c

Performance fabric printing on polyesters, nylons, spandex and tri-blend.

Over the zipper prints and screen printed transfer printing and applications are available.

Eco-friendly water base and discharge inks will drive sales with a soft and vibrant finish and can be adapted for most fabrics including performance fabrics.

High density and specialty inks are perfect for retail clothing brands or promotional products companies looking for something different.